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Feeling stuck or stressed out about English?

Want to share your work with a new audience?


Let me help.

Hi, I'm Alex! I'm an English language specialist from the USA. I help students, academics, and professionals in creative fields express themselves clearly and confidently in English.


When I'm not reviewing essays, doing interview prep, or looking for a new podcast to recommend,  you might find me at the movies, playing my saxophone, or on a hike with my dog (because nature is the best teacher).

I used to be a guide and workshop leader in art galleries and museums. I loved talking to visitors and being surrounded by art, but I felt like something was missing. I decided to follow my interest in language and communication and become an English teacher. 


After earning my MA in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), I started teaching in classrooms in Spain and Italy, and working online with students from all over the world. Now, I'm able to combine my interests in art and language teaching. I help creative people of all kinds use English in a way that reflects the beauty and complexity of their ideas. 

I believe that we learn best when we interact, explore content at our own pace, and discover things together. I think the best teachers are good listeners. For this reason, I don't offer structured lessons, but individualized language consultations. Our sessions are flexible, conversational, and based on your specific needs and background.


Working together, we can build your confidence, develop learning strategies, and take action to meet your goals.


Contact me and let's get started!

Want to work together?

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