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1:1 Meetings

Improve your confidence and find fluency in your speaking and writing.

I'll help you develop your language skills and boost your confidence so you can pass a language exam, present your work to clients or colleagues, respond to questions during public events and interviews, or write about your work in academic contexts.

This is for you if you...

  • Feel stuck or frustrated with your learning progress

  • Can't find the support you need in traditional language classes

  • Have studied English for years but feel like something isn't right when you need to use the language in real life

  • Are looking for guidance about how to use English more effectively, not just what language to study

"An absolutely amazing experience"


I worked with Alex on my thesis about abstract photography. I got a great mark - 8/10. I don't really care about marks, but it was an absolutely amazing experience working on it. Thank you so much, Alex!

Dmitri, undergraduate
 student in photography, Russia

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